The ultimate femme fatale is here to stamp her feet, toss her hair and dance. Will she love Don José? Maybe. Will you fall for her sultry Habanera? Definitely.


State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne

04 - 26 May
04 - 26 May
$65.00 - $272.00*
Premium, A, B, C & D Reserve

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In the heat, dust and danger of the city, fiery Carmen sings her siren song. With each seductive note, the guileless Don José is drawn into her world: a world of smugglers in suits, a world outside society's bounds.

What kind of person chooses a love that they know will destroy them? What kind of person sees that destiny, and dances towards it, without fear?

"I've always been intrigued by the psychology of that choice," says John Bell, who follows up his phenomenal Tosca with a new production of Carmen. "What leads you to love the one person who is going to destroy you?"
Underneath the irresistible Spanish tunes is a gritty tale of power, corruption and destruction waiting to be told, Bell says.

Carmen is colourful, physical and entertaining, but it shouldn't get "too pretty", he adds. To succeed, it must have punch. Sex and sexual politics. Physicality and power.

This new take on Bizet's famous opera hones in on the relationships at its heart, on the wild love that promises freedom while binding the lovers in an unbreakable web of fate.