La Traviata

Raise your glass, flutter your pretty lashes, it's Paris in the salons and you're the life of this party. He's staring at you, he's singing for you... Are you tempted?


Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House
09 February - 01 April
09 February - 01 April
$45.00 - $338.00*
Premium, A, B, C, D, E & F Reserve

*Additional fees including Booking, Credit Card & Handling charges may be levied at purchase. Tickets are subject to availability which must be confirmed with the ticket retailer.

Violetta wears velvet and lace and drinks the very best champagne from crystal glasses. Her parties are legendary, her company sought after. She's free and free-spirited, living outside society's bounds, and for the courtesan, it seems like the party will never end. Could a little love really change everything?

La Traviata is so popular because it puts a life we couldn't possibly dream of on stage, with its risqué glamour, joys and sorrows. Verdi's music paints a picture of freedom with flying melodies, makes merry with rousing drinking songs and brings it all to a close with passionate duets between breaking hearts.

This production by Elijah Moshinsky is one of our most successful, featuring lush party scenes in Paris and beautiful autumn afternoons in the countryside. Lavish, crowded sets and exquisite costumes combined with Verdi's famous, hummable tunes offer the perfect way to experience opera for the first time, or the chance to revisit a favourite with an exciting new cast.

The season opens with Ermonela Jaho as Violetta, who The Economist called "the world's most acclaimed soprano" after she won the reader's choice award at the International Opera Awards, and also features two Australian star sopranos, Lorina Gore and Emma Matthews.