Imagine growing up in a Thai restaurant. Imagine being stuck with the most embarrassing family. Imagine if you could make a fresh start…


Everest Theatre, Seymour Centre
07 - 12 August
07 - 12 August
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Albert Lengviriyakul, or Lengy for short, is the son of Thai immigrants who own a restaurant with the cheesy name Thai-riffic! Lengy is starting high school and sees this as his opportunity to transform his image from the kid who lives in a restaurant to a cool and popular Aussie teen. When his teacher sets a group assignment that focuses on another culture it becomes apparent Lengy won’t be able to get away from his past as easily as he’d like.

Through a series of hilarious and heartfelt events involving bulk toilet paper, a purple curry and a trip to the Thai-New Year Sonkram Festival, Lengy discovers that his Thai background is pretty awesome after all.

This is the premiere season of Thai-riffic!, an original Australian play for young people, adapted by Nathan Luff from Oliver Phommavanh’s best selling novel. Suitable for ages 10+.

The development of Thai-riffic! was supported by Riverside Theatres.